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Government Contracts and Defense Industry

K-SPACE Law firm conducts litigations and consultation on cases related to government contracts and defense industry.

- Representing the Korea Coast Guard in a lawsuit regarding additional construction costs for the manufacture of a pollution control vessel

- Representing the Korea Coast Guard in a lawsuit regarding restrictions on qualifications for participation in tendering procedures

- Various consultations to the Korea Coast Guard regarding the Act on Contracts to which the State is a Party

- Various consultations to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration regarding international contracts, etc.

- Consultation to OO Company regarding the Priority Procurement for Small Businesses in Korea

- Consultation on the research project regarding the counter-trade in the defense industry of Korea

- Consultation on the extension of the contract period for OOO ships ordered by OO public administration

- Consultation on the applicability of force majeure

- Consultation on partial timely deliveries and the applicability of excusable delays

- Consultation on the election process of a non-profit corporation’s president supervised by OO public administration

- Consultation on an approval agreement about the lease and use of state-owned property between Company A and OO public corporation

- Consultation on the withdrawal of administrative sanctions by OO public administration to the entrusted private institution

- Consultation on subsequent procedures related to unfulfilling of requirements of an equipment of a certain ship ordered by OO public authority

- Consultation on the negotiation between a U.S. company and a Korean public corporation

- Consultation on an international service contract to OO public institution

- Consultation on a draft MOU for research cooperation between OO public institution and a foreign institution

- Consultation on whether it is possible to adjust the price of a government contract based on inflation

- Consultation on the extinctive prescription of administrative penalties

Public procurement

(Current) Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
(Current) Defense Acquisition Program Administration
(Previous) Korea Coast Guard (2019~2022)